Nutrition, Yoga, Wellness – Making time to prioritize your health just got easier.

In an ideal world making our health a priority would be a no-brainer.  With increasing schedule demands and instant food options, sometimes the healthy choice falls to the wayside….until now!

The Humble City Soul provides Holistic Personal Chef, Corporate Yoga and Nutritional Consultation services in the Greater Ottawa Area.

At The Humble City Soul we focus on reconnecting our clients with the food that fuels and heals them.  Food education, digestive health/healing and stress management are the keys to success for a healthy new you. Getting people excited about that they eat; Getting their bodies to digest and assimilate all the great nutrients; And having the tools to allow the body to be relaxed enough to perform those functions is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Food Philosophy:  The more we connect and put love into our food, the more our food works for us.  Our recipes and meal planning are individually based and built on the needs/wants of our clients.  No two plans are the same.  By merging the flavors, texture and colors our clients love with healthy whole foods, we not only provide a step by step plan to good health, we give them a plan to get excited about!

We emphasize the importance of having a wellness community, with access to like minded people.  We provide a service that allow our clients easily stay connected with us and call on the support of our tribe.


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