nutrition reboot wk 4


 Quick Lunch Tips:


Tip #1 – Maximize veggies! Aim to have half of your plate (or takeout container) full of veggies, preferably green salad with dressing on the side or have your veggies or sautéed.  Using the half plate rule ensures you’re getting the necessary minerals, vitamins and fiber from your meal leaving you satiated and leaving little desire for junk food.

Tip#2 – Minimize the use of sauce!  Our favorite condiments are typically loaded with salt and sugar. Classics condiments such as Teriyaki sauce, Ketchup and BBQ sauces (unless homemade) are guilty of being caloric powerhouses.  Order sauce on the side so you can control how much you consume and opt for grilled options with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Tip#3 – Watch your portion sizes!  Nothing is better than getting a good deal on lunch, but what is equally as important as eating well on a budget is keeping portion sizes reasonable.  As a rule of thumb I eat half of my plate at lunch, and save the rest of a snack later.  This keeps the after lunch sluggishness at bay and provides a great sized snack later on in the day (usually around 3ish) when your energy levels can use a pick me up.

HOMEMADE lunch tips

Tip#1 – Embrace creative salads!  There’s no room for iceberg lettuce, a tomato slice, dried out cucumbers and an olive in your life!! Making lunch at home gives us the freedom to indulge in our healthy favorite salad toppings without killing our budgets.

Try Adding:

NUTS and SEEDS – pumpkin, sesame, sunflower…the list goes on.  These tasty additions add a nutritious boost (Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids) and great texture.

BEANS – Adding tasty salad classics like chickpea or black bean are a great source of non-animal protein and can be dressed up for any occasion.  Chickpeas can be marinated similarly to chicken and beans can easily be added to any meal.

TUNA, CHICKEN, STEAK, TEMPEH – Any of these options can easily be put on top of a salad to give it some substance and ensure that you won’t be left hungry an hour later.  Using leftovers from the night before is a great way to clear out the fridge and spice up your lunch.

QUINOA – this is one of my favs because I can make a big batch at the beginning of the week and add it to almost any meal for extra protein, substance and it’s just plain delicious.  Top your salad of with a few tablespoons of quinoa to make a nutritionally balanced meal.

Tip#2 – Pack your leftovers! Nothing is better than getting your mid day break and getting a chance to dig into last night’s tasty fare.  Leftovers are great because they are ready to go in the morning and will bring you back (hopefully) to a less stressful time while you eat them.

Tip#3 – Last Night’s Dinner REMIXED!  Using some ingredients for last night’s dinner to make a new lunch is smart math.  You save money by using up your leftovers instead of hitting up the local lunch joint, and you get to creative.  Turn last night’s brown rice, chicken and broccoli into a chicken wrap veggies and salad greens.  Add some mustard and a little hot sauce for kicks!

The Lowdown on Sandwiches…

No one loves a good sandwich as much as this girl, but eating refined white bread just won’t cut it! Whether you’re making your sandwich at home or ordering out, keep these tips in mind:

Sammy tip#1 – Multi-grain/whole grain breads: Use bread options that are made with whole grains. BONUS if they have added treats such as seeds and nuts.  As a rule of thumb when I’m in a pinch I ask for the grainiest/seediest bread an establishment has when I order.  Usually when that is said they get what you are aiming for and will accommodate as best possible.

Sammy Tip #2 – Wraps! This is a great way to avoid the full calories and carbs of bread without giving up that sandwich feel.  Anything that can be put in a sandwich can fill a wrap, so give it a try.

Sammy Tip #3 – Pump up the Veg!  The only way to make a good thing better is to add more veggies.  If you’re tired of your standard lettuce, tomatoes and onion TRY adding grilled veggies or whipping up your favorite salad, add protein of choice and throw it in a wrap.  Sandwiches/wraps are a great way to fit in an extra serving of veggies without much effort.

Sammy Tip #4 – Add some zest.  Push your pain old mayo to the side.  Jazz up sandwiches/wraps by spreading on some hummus, pesto or red pepper dip on your Sammy.  Choose dips and spreads that are dairy free and veggie/legume/herb based for the healthiest and tastiest kick.

This week let’s give some love to our lunches.  Whether you do brown bag lunches for the week, or make some healthy substitutions while you’re on the go, let this week’s lunches get the healthy makeover we’ve been giving to the other aspects of our diet this month.

Have a great week!

Joël Jones – Holistic Nutritionist + Yoga Teacher