2 weeks until MEAL PREP MADE EASY: MEAL PREP 101 (Jan 24)


Starting your 2016 nutrition reboot shouldn’t be complicated or frightening.  This 6 week series will focus on one aspect of the diet to focus on every week.  As each week passes, adding an easy sustainable step makes achieving your 2016 goals that much easier!


  1. Drink More Water!

Want an easy way to reduce cravings? Keep your skin soft and subtle in the cold winter months? YES? Then drink up!

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day! This may seem like a lot of water to some people, but keeping ourselves well hydrated is the best and easier health tip to ensure our bodies are working at an optimal level. This is a great way to keep you well hydrated, and keep food cravings at bay.  Proper hydration helps ensure that our cells are able to communicate efficiently and will reduce overall symptoms of fatigue, mental fogginess and concentration.


    • Drink 1-2 glass of water when you wake up upon waking – This will jump start your metabolism and essentially wakes up your insides.
  • Drink 1 glass of water 15 minutes before meals.  You will satisfy any hungry feelings from thirst and help avoid over eating .


Sip water periodically throughout the day – If you are feeling thirsty, you’re already experiencing signs of dehydration.  Keeping water close and sipping continuously throughout the day will help you avoid this.


2. Dairy

Minimizing, or eliminating dairy, especially during times that we are trying to watch our weight, or make dietary shifts is recommended and can be very useful.  Dairy is inflammatory in the body and is higher in calories that it’s non-dairy alternatives.  Think of milk in context of why it exists.  Milk is formulated to grow a baby calf very quickly in the first year of life, providing high amounts of fats, protein and carbohydrates.   The composition of cow’s milk is designed for rapid weight gain, so unless that is your desired goal, keeping dairy consumption minimal, if at all is recommended for maintain a healthy weight.

3. Pop/Juicy/Sugary Drinks

Drinking calories are a sneaky way that most of us don’t realize we are consuming TONS of extra calories.  Juice for example, can be one of the most deceptive drinks of them all.  Though made from something good for us, when drank it is concentrated and packs a sugary punch. Put it this way: It takes 3-4 apples to make a cup of juice.  Would you typically eat 3-4 apples in one sitting as a snack?  No?  Then don’t drink it either.  Another issue with fruit juice is its lack of fiber.  If we eat the fruit, fiber slows our blood sugar from rising too quickly.  Without that added fiber we put ourselves at risk of developing obesity, hypoglycemia, or even diabetes.


Instead of this… Try this…
Alcohol -drink non-clear alcohols alone or on the rocks ( less sugar consumption than mixing)

-Sugary mixed drinks with pop or juice

-full glasses of white or red wine

-clear alcohol

-mix drinks with water or club soda with a citrus slice

-mix wine with carbonated water, creating a Spritzer

Coffee/Tea -Latte

-Coffee with Milk and sugar

-Black Tea with milk and sugar

-Skinny latte using milk alternative (ie, almond or soymilk) with no sugar

-Coffee black or with coconut milk

-Herbal Teas, such as Rooibos, Green (provides a sweet taste without the need for additional sweeteners) etc.

Soft Drinks -ELIMINATE! There are no benefits to consuming soda -Jazz up your water!  Add: crushed berries, cucumber slices, fresh mint, rosemary and basil
Dairy   -Milk & cream -Dairy alternatives: Almond milk, soy milk & rice milk

For the next week implement these simple changes.  Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter!!

Have a great week!